1. What is YouOpinion?

YouOpinion is a website created to submit and answer surveys, either free or paid.

2. How do I get paid?

YouOpinion uses PayPal to receive and send payments in a safe, easy and free way. You will get the money you earned as soon as your credit reaches $10.00

3. Why can't I withdraw less than $10.00?

Each transaction has administrative costs and they are entirely covered by YouOpinion.

4. Why do I need to top up my account?

In case you decide to purchase premium option, the cost of them will be withdrawn from your account credit each time you receive an answer. An example of a premium option would be polls directed to specific target audiences (for instance a questionnaire specifically interested in male users older than 30).

5. Why are some polls more expensive than others?

The pricing of surveys is determined by two factors: the complexity of the poll (number of questions, length of the text) and - more important - the specificity of the poll. For example, if you require a poll focused exclusively to players of a specific sport within a certain age demographic, the answers will have a higher value to an analyst focused on a specific target audience than a generic poll. If you create a poll using premium options you will likely see a higher return on investment down the line by using the target information.

6. Why should I provide so much information on my profile?

You don't need to fill out all the boxes if you are not comfortable; although, the more specific you are about yourself, the more specific - and profitable - polls you will be asked to submit.

Why am I invited to take free polls? What benefits do I receive?

We want to be able to offer everyone a chance to create questionnaires - within limits - without investing any money. Every time you'll take a free poll you'll earn a Prestige Point.


8. What are they?

Prestige Points (PP) represent a user's trustworthiness within youOpinion. In other words, it represents how likely a user is willing to fill out polls, and therefore take more time to answer your questions with valuable information.

9. What is their purpose?

Trustworthy users have a higher priority when it comes to assigning premium polls. The higher is your PP score, the higher the likelihood you will be offered premium polls and an increased chance to earn money.

10. How do I earn them?

You will earn a PP for each free poll you take.


11. What is the cost to create a poll?

youOpinion offers opportunities to create both free and paid polls. The options you choose at the moment of creating the survey determine the cost of the answers you will get. Such cost will be withdrawn from your credit every time a user takes your poll. If you create a free poll you will not be charged for any answer.

12. Can I use my earnings to create polls?

Yes, you can use the money you earn taking paid polls, which become part of your balance with youOpinion.

13. Can I create free polls?

Yes, youOpinion allows the creation of short free surveys with the following limits: - a maximum of 10 answers
- no specification of the user target audience
- no use of premium options
- no creation of more than one free poll every 4 hours

14. Can I stop taking a poll before finishing it?

Yes, you can stop taking a poll whenever you feel like it. Although, it is possible that some of your answers will still be saved on youOpinion's servers. You will get paid for all the answers you replied to, and the author of the poll will be charged for each of them.

15. Is the interruption or completion of the poll immediate?

Yes, although it might take a few minutes for all the answers to be received by the server. This may result, in case of a paid poll, in the withdrawal of the cost from the author's credit before he or she could see the answers.

16. Why is my poll "under review"?

Each poll has to pass certain regulations to make sure they respect youOpinion's policy and Terms of Use.

17. How much do users get paid to take polls?

In case of a paid poll, users will earn money to take it. The more premium options you'll choose, the more potential money users will make.
In case of a free poll, users will earn a Prestige Point.

18. I uploaded high definition pictures in my poll, how will users view them?

Users may take polls from the desktop or from a smartphone using their data plan; therefore youOpinion automatically resizes images that are larger than 800x600 pixel in order to provide a smooth and quick loading experience.