Privacy & Cookie

1. Informations received by youOpinion and how we use them

youOpinion receives different types of information about you, including:
- informations required to sign up on the website
- additional informations you provide when completing your profile
- your data each time you use the website, for instance when you take a survey, create a survey, pay or get paid or visit other pages on the website.
youOpinion receives data from your computer, mobile device or any other device you installed youOpinion's applications on or use to visit the website, even when multiple users access it. Such data include but are not limited to your type of Internet connection, IP address, operating system, Internet browser, type of device and the pages you visit.

2. Use of received information

youOpinion uses the provided information anonymously, to create a database useful to companies in order to create appropriate surveys.
By authorizing the use of your information we will be able to send you more specific surveys. We only provide data to companies after creating composite data of user information and answers in order to make it impossible to identify someone.

3. Cookies

Cookies are small portions of data that get memorized on your computer, smartphone or other device.
We use them to make navigation on the website run more smoothly.
Refer to your browser's preferences to know what options you have to block cookies and similar technology, as well as removing or blocking other data contained on your computer or device (there could be several options among which you can choose). If you proceed this way, there may be limits in how the youOpinion site (along with other sites and Internet based applications) may be used.

4. Fulfillment of legal actions and damage prevention

We are allowed to access and keep users' personal data if asked by a legal attorney when providing a search warrant, monition or cease-and-desist order whenever we are in legal good faith.
Your information, including data on the transaction concluded within youOpinion may be consulted and kept for a prolonged period of time if it is involved in legal procedures, investigations or inquiries concerning youOpinion's violation of terms or to avoid damage. We may retain information linked to accounts that were disabled for violating our conditions for at least one year, in order to avoid future improper use and violations of our terms and conditions.

5. Notifications

You permit youOpinion to send you notifications by using the contact information you provided, such as your e-mail address associated with your account.

6. Changing of ownership or management directors

In case of legal change of ownership, youOpinion may furnish your information to the new owner, in order for the service to remain operative. The contingent new owner will have to honor the rules about personal data stipulated in these Conditions of Use.

7. Communication of changes in advance

In cases of changes to the present terms of the Conditions of Use, users will be notified through a notification at the moment when they access the website.