Terms & Conditions

1. Creation of a new survey

The user has full responsibility for the written and visual content of the surveys.
By submitting a survey, the user declares that he/she owns the rights of all copyrighted material included in the survey.
youOpinion might check the content of the survey before publishing it and reserves the right to deny the publication of the survey.
Pornographic images are forbidden in addition to obscene and offensive content. youOpinion reserves the right to remove any such content. Violating these rules multiple times may result in the suspension of your account.

2. Survey payments and outstanding balance

- After the commissions withheld by youOpinion, credit spent to create a survey is automatically transferred to the accounts of the users who take the survey. Therefore it is not possible, for any reason, to ask for a reimbursement of the credit. It is possible to interrupt or stop offering a survey, allowing the use of the remaining account credit on other premium surveys.
- An outstanding balance is the difference between the purchased credit and the credit that has already been used to create paid surveys.
- Outstanding balances cannot be re-credited on PayPal since the balance is not generated from taking surveys.
- It is possible to use earned credit from taking surveys in order to create and publish your own premium surveys.

3. Other violations

In case of fraudulent or suspect activities using a youOpinion account - such as the use of bots or other illicit behaviors - youOpinion has the right to suspend or remove an account and all data related to it (including Prestige Points, earned credit and purchased credit). By accepting these terms and conditions the user is aware there is a possibility to lose purchased credit, earned credit and Prestige Points in the case of violation of the terms and conditions.